So long Friends!

So long Fiends!   Hi friends I’m back again to write my last blog before I go. It’s been so fun writting with, I might come back some time to visit but for now I’m jumping over to my dads page. I hope you liked my recent blogs that I published! I will continue […]

Christmas is almost here

Christmas is almost here by my little sister Katelyn   Christmas is almost here! I love Christmas because the secret presents, scrumptious food, and spending time with my family. Presents are the one thing i enjoy most about Christmas. First and foremost, i mean who doesnt love presents on Christmas! Just to give you a […]

It’s getting close to winter

Heat Pump What are the main units used in the winter time? Well, I will tell you what I use here in Florida. It is called a heat pump. Heat can be moved from one place to another, but to do so, it must be absorbed by a substance.That substance is moved to the point […]